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About SetSquare

SetSquare is a virtually-based consulting practice. Our goal is to empower good decision making through technology-based design thinking tools. Our primary service is a design-led home workspace consultation that will help everyone in a working ecosystem to establish clear benchmarks and will encourage meaningful communication on the emerging issues of working remotely.


We are a fusion of a design firm, a technology company and a consulting practice. SetSquare emerged out of research that started in 2019, and it is a part of the Design Workshop family of enterprises. We are primarily based in the vibrant business and cultural community of Toronto, Canada. We are ambitiously working to engage with the speed and complexity of the way our world is changing, to help work towards a bright future. We strongly believe in the triple bottom line of working towards environmental, economic and social success in everything we undertake.


Our founders are brothers; an architect and a digital strategist, with broad experience working for high-profile clients in Canada, the UK, the US and Australia. They have been working together on innovative technology and business ideas since 2006, when they would meet weekly at a pub halfway between their homes, close to Baker Street Station in London, to go over wild ideas and concepts for research.

Want to know more? Please visit our FAQs page.

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