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Designing the Future of Working from Home.

We help you improve your home workspace with affordable design consultations, expert advice and practical recommendations.

We help organizations enable safe & productive work practices, and plan for the future.

How It Works

3 easy steps

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1. Online Signup

Sign up and pay online. You can register for yourself, or your employees. We'll help you through the quick and easy process of getting started with a positive change.

2. Virtual Consultation

You’ll be invited to schedule a personal and private online discovery session with our design consultant, to help them prepare their advice for your workspace.

3. Recommendations

Your consultant will create a detailed report that will be shared only with you, and we'll also send an overview of team-enabling strategies to your organization.


Need more info? Get in touch with our team for more information about our workspace consultations and our other helpful strategic, implementation and design services. You can also read our FAQs.

Setsquare Benefits

Wellbeing + Performance

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For Individuals

  1. Improve your comfort.

  2. Personalize your workspace.

  3. Design your space to suit your life.

  4. Encourage your own health and well being.

  5. Increase your healthy work habits.

  6. Engage with a professional design consultant.

  7. Plan how to implement your ideal workspace.

  8. Gain awareness of obstacles.

  9. Communicate your thoughts on strategy.

  10. Balance your work and home life.

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For Organizations

  1. Promote healthy working practices & wellness.

  2. Demonstrate your commitment to positive change.

  3. Improve productivity through wellbeing.

  4. Understand the needs of your team.

  5. Lead the way with an innovative employee benefit.

  6. Coordinate between home and office staff.

  7. Reduce risks of lost time and injuries.

  8. Plan ahead for the future of work.

  9. Engage with your team, to plan consultatively.

  10. Drive positive culture with direct support.



It couldn't be any simpler.


All in, no kidding.

All amounts in USD

This is what you get:

  • A personal 45 minute consultation with a workspace designer.

  • A complete summary of your private consultation.

  • An actionable tailored recommendations report.

  • A high-level budget to help you plan.

  • Recommendations on where to go for selecting, sourcing and procuring products.

  • Access to our FAQs and resources on best practices.

  • Workplace strategy recommendations for employers, based on aggregated results.

  • Great support.


Need more?

We are a full-service consultancy and can offer additional support to both individuals and organizations, including follow-ups, design advice and referrals.

Strategic services available include design services, assistance with planning for real estate decisions, office-based workplace strategy, procurement, referrals to specialists, turnkey solutions, executive office planning and design, and more.

Get Started
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